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Wild Orchid is a 1990 American erotic film directed by Zalman King and starring Mickey Rourke, Carré Otis, Jacqueline Bisset, Bruce Greenwood, and Assumpta Serna.

A sequel was released in 1992 entitled Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue.

She tells Emily that James was an only child who stuttered, and is a completely self-made man.

Emily says that she has become obsessed with James, but that he would never touch her.

Emily accuses James of setting people up to disappoint him and then throwing them aside when they do.

When Emily hugs James, he pulls away from her, telling her that he does not like to be touched.

The married couple gives James a necklace; he gives it to Emily.

Claudia's assistants tell her that a man bought the deed to the old hotel before the deal was finalized; both women realize it was James, who confirms it was him.

Claudia is angry and decides to proceed with the hotel's sale even though she does not own it, hoping that she will be able to circumvent James' actions.

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They have dinner, accompanied by James' bodyguards.

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