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Pansexual: Describes people who are capable of being attracted to multiple sexes or gender identities.

Let us know if you would like help edit submitted activities, write a blog on a particular area of expertise, or otherwise be engaged in the Ultimate Camp Resource network.Gay: In the past, only men who are attracted to men have used the word “gay.” Now, it is common for “gay” to be used by anyone who is attracted to their same sex or gender. Gender Identity: Our internal, personal sense of what our gender is. Gender Non-Conforming: Describes a person whose gender expression is, or appears to be, different from what we would expect from their assigned gender.Other terms include “gender variant” or “gender diverse.” Genderqueer: A term that describes someone whose gender identity is not just a man or a woman.Remember, the only person who has the power to label you, is YOU!Asexual: A term describing individuals who do not experience sexual attraction or do not have interest in or desire for sex.

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