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I'm quite proud of it actually, but I've only sent it to my friends and family. Nothing special at all, but it's better than just a picture, like so many else has.Noone else gets to hear it, unless I change my mind sometime in the future. I've made remakes and some remixes of all the music in TGL for NES. I can link to a video I made for the title music on You . And this is me, signing off to make some more interesting stuff. Furthermore I respect women now so everything is alright! when I started the usual Newgrounds and Armor games logos came up, then a sky background,with the typical anime style look to the four girl's that I could hook up with all in a line.I was given the typical new game,continue,save,and option buttons, I hit new game and began to play. The first girl was named Yami, she wore a pink dress and heels with a sun hat on and a snobbish look on her face,she also had long blond hair ,the second girl was Sero the dark clothes wearing cute-ish emo type with a slight smile, The third girl was named Natsume,she was a tomboy type girl with a large grin on her face,and garbed in a huge green sweatshirt and shorts. my character replied with ellipsis "Nothing to say?And the games all look great as well, especially Smash Bros. I will voice every single character and make no attempt to differentiate their voices. This may be the single shittiest flash on Newgrounds if it actually gets made.So I've been trying to get my horrible username changed.To those who don't remember me (which is probably all of you), I used to be a forum regular. I love the dedication that Tom Fulp and the rest of the staff put into it. Since last year, I started teaching myself how to draw and animate. I'm making Mickey Mouse porn with some guy, and I spent the last year stabbing a sketchbook with a pencil in an attempt to make halfway-decent drawings. Overall it was much better than last year, and here's my thoughts on why.

I had just finished getting close with Natsume and we were in her room. " I told myself (Yes I know I was an asshole, I am disgusted by this person I used to be) I had sex with her and after the whole cutscene played out, I trained some more and bought my girlfriend (Celeste) some flowers,only when I went to her room though Yami and Sero were with her,they both looked sympathetic and then there was Celeste ,face in her hands,crying. A fight sequence began,only Sero was grossly overpowered and took me out with a few hits. Most of the music I made last year was for me and some for my work. I've been working on it since July '09 and finished it up in December, last day at work even! The last year has been a productive one for me, though I've not uploaded very much here.A month ago I contacted Luis and asked him to change my name to Hikky-Dikky (horrible name, but it's the only one I came up with that wasn't fucking taken by an inactive account). , I am but a thirteen year old boy wanting to tell you a terrifying and heartbreaking experience, That made me learn a very important lesson.

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