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Under Alaska law, a person may not import or transport any animal into the state unless the animal's owner, custodian, or attendant possesses a valid health certificate and permit for the animal.However, in the case of dogs and cats, they need only be accompanied by a health certificate, unless they are imported from a rabies quarantine area, in which case they must be accompanied by a permit as well.Below you will find details regarding Alaska Marine Highway policies, the services and amenities offered, check-in and customs information and much more.If you have additional questions that are not addressed, friendly reservations agents are available Monday through Friday a.m. Alaska Time by calling 1-800-642-0066 and they will be happy to assist you.Passengers are responsible for the handling and safety of their own bags.Baggage carts are driven from terminals and parked on the vessel car deck to offer assistance.

Animals may be transported on AMHS vessels, but are restricted to the car deck.Comfort and therapy animals are required to follow the AMHS pet policy and will be restricted to the car deck.Transport of livestock or other large animals must be pre-approved and may be subject to additional fees and restrictions.Accessing vehicles with swinging rear doors or elderly pets that need special accommodation, such as a ramp, may not be possible.For the safety of our passengers and other pets, please consider how your pet may react to the stress of an unfamiliar environment.

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They must be properly contained in an approved carrier or be transported in a vehicle and accompanied by an adult passenger.

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