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In Beirut people traditionally celebrate the start of new year by shooting tracer bullets over the Mediterranean Sea.After midnight many stroll in their cars along the coast.In Syriac word Lebanon could be translated as "the heart of God" ( "leb" is heart, (a)non is God).One of main symbols of the country is the Lebanon Cedar (Cedrus libani). The Lebanon Cedar can be seen on the Lebanese flag and coat-of-arms.Home Christmas Traditions Coming Of Age Death Rites Festivals Folk Beliefs Food And Drink Games And Toys Lifestyle Music And Dance People Religion Strange Traditions Traditional Fashion Wedding Traditions About Contact Lebanon (in Arabic Lubnān) is a republic in Western Asia.Lebanon is located on the shore of Mediterranean sea. Lebanon has a population of 4,140,289 (2011 estimate).

There are different theories about the origin of word Lebanon.

The "Ah Weeeee-ha" and the "zalghouta" are the joyous sounds that can be heard at every wedding.

As sign of joy people throw petals and rice on the bride and groom.

Soaps are traditionally sold in small shops or souks.

Villages of Assia and Rachaiya El-Foukhar are known for their beautiful handmade pottery.

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