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Sam Hyde met his fiancée, Nina using a GPS-based dating app.

"I was a little skeptical at first, I thought you know, this is, jeez this is going to tell people where I am," explained Hyde.

Certain apps reveal your exact location down to the street corner.

It's something that concerns Jefferson, a former sex crimes detective with the Jacksonville Sheriff's office. It can be an open invitation to sexual offenders, pretending to be someone else for the sake of meeting other people," warned Jefferson.

- Imagine finding the man or woman of your dreams by GPS. Singles can now download smartphone apps to meet people instantly.

It's something Channel 4 Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson worries about.

"You have no time to vet them or even to think about what your actions, your interactions or the ramifications are going to be," Rosenthal added.

Just this year, in three separate cases, three teens in Ohio, Wisconsin and California were sexually assaulted when they met men posing as teens on the GPS app "Skout." As a result, "Skout" confirmed it made changes to its teen site, including removing location technology.

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