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That's you know I don't know how he is regardless of what it DT is. John Wall played the first half he played the game the first out because and he wanted to show this kid and saw a John Wall in the second half he's like Watkins of the game. So one thing all of the odds did some soul but if they don't know play you know play. Before that we haven't always have a but I think probably handle BA that's not the point I'm making strong allies.He was make it sense as far as you know the flow of how the game goes and stuff like that. Since he missed the volatile throughout new bodies. Up on everybody went on what are they view them go to the club well baseball is DMZ was our best.Three point shots form according to first play you know friends and does that at all what Eliot don't want. Because it's all about John Wall walled needed to take over this game pretty well legislator over the skip he was Holmgren.

Luke Walton got the Lakers to rally around Lonzo Ball. At the being that is drove advantage I couldn't do it because it says helps promote the show a lot of fans in Florida Miami specifically where oh European shepherd feature well she probably each shepherd I'll join it.

Dominique DP does different things he can pass I think it's going to be grown respect for the cute yes all of the all of these veterans play against him.

Well I thought well that's the channels that he plays hard and good player to work and it shocked but didn't come monocle man excuse deal awful lot deal what respect.

Los Angeles at DMZ as well ask them about the game.

Laser engraving and indeed you can use the brawl ball doesn't I'll call me all right. That was it that he'd be thrown over his relaxed and beef with nobody.

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