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I remember the conversation where I suggested that a later version of the OS might fix the Yahoo chat problem.

This was based on other posters feedback about the problem. Even if it had done, you did not follow the advice given anyway. Your web browser is Safari, you use it to go to the Yahoo web site.

As you now know, they (snide comments) are very much at an end. As you say, and i very much agree, the subject is more or less moot now.

That means Mac OSX Chat Client can be categories as Multi Protocol Instant Messenger or All in One Messenger , such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN aka Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger aka AIM and more.

Chat is the “next big thing,” at least for the moment.

If you Google “chat apps,” for instance, you’ll be presented with a buffet of choices.

If it were so easy to hack, then why are we not hearing from the millions of Mac users that should be getting hacked? Once they start on about all the virus's there are, you know that it is time to pull on the boots. Hopefully Apple will shine some love in this direction and offer up some sort of i Chat based utility for accessing the Yahoo chat network or maybe come up with their own cross platform version that offers the same if not better functionality. Although it's not clear what has changed in version (although Yahoo!

Remember, nothing is totally virus proof but OS X comes real close. P chit chat is fun and all but it still lacks the voice support that the Yahoo Client for win has. have not updated the client in about a year now and I see no plans for them doing so in the near future. Either way Yahoo needs to get on the ball and support their product or get out of the game. Messenger is the Yahoo's equivalent to the AOL Instant Messenger product, above. recently modified their protocols, and this update purportedly addresses this), version added/changed the following: If you are a Mac OSX user and try to find out the right Instant Messenger IM Chat Client for you Mac OSX, might be this article would help you find the proper Instant Messenger for you and your Mac OSX.

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