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They are skilled in setting up their sons and daughters to fill their unmet emotional needs left over from childhood and adolescence. It is impossible for a son or daughter to fully meet the unmet childhood and adolescent emotional needs of the parent.A child or teen cannot be the filler of someone else's needs when they have their own needs.First, most of the suicidal teens I talk to are being raised by mothers, so I have been able to collect more data on them.Second, more and more children and teens are being raised in single parent homes, where the mother is likely to have primary custody.In broad terms I would say an emotionally abusive mother is a mother who uses her son or daughter in an attempt to fill her own unmet emotional needs.

Emotional abuse occurs, in other words, when the mother tries to fill those needs of hers which normally would have already been filled during a healthy childhood and adolescence.By nature, women generally have instinctive needs to raise and nurture children.The fulfillment of these needs is natural and healthy.I personally believe society has failed to see what is really going on in so many seemingly "good" homes -- homes where the material needs are met, but the emotional needs are not.I further believe society has vastly underestimated the damage done through emotional abuse.

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