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Nick & Drew Lachey Nick (left) and Drew Lachey, who, with Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, compose the vocal group 98°, “have always been close,” says Nick, 26. The only reason we even went to the same school [Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts] was because my whole family was bragging and talking about how proud they were of Drew for getting in. When Jerry, 25 ( and even double-dated—with a pair of sisters. “He broke up with the younger sister, and then all I would hear about was what a jerk my brother was.” Needless to say, it didn’t last.

“We’ve always kind of leaned on each other.” The Cincinnati-bred duo, whose album went double platinum last month, have become even tighter since taking up life on a tour bus. Charlie: At home we had beds right next to each other.

Bianca makes Shae break up with him in the quest Dean, Distracted as an attempt to distract Dean from editing the movie, but they soon reconcile as he finds out the truth.

The 31-year-old actress stepped out for the event, hosted by Miu Miu and The Cinema Society, on Thursday (October 26) at The Landmark at 57 West in New York City.

He moved to Hollywood in his later years to study Special FX, and is now great at editing movies, as he proves in some speed editing for the MC's movie, Clash at Sunset. Provided, of course, that that blockbuster movie has exquisitely edited scenes, seamless cinematography, and knock-your-socks-off explosions. Dean is scouted by your character and Ethan to provide SFX for your movie, "Clash at Sunset".

Dean and Shae start dating during the filming of the movie "Permanent Wound".

Nick: I wish I had his hook shot—he mastered that to make up for the height thing. Jerry: When we were younger, I was not as athletic as my brother, but I came into my own. Charlie: Jerry liked to wrestle when the parents were around because then they could get me off of him. Charlie: We’d argue with each other up until we got out of the car for summer camp, and then it was “Nobody insults my brother!

Nick: He was far more responsible when he came back. I grew up playing basketball with him so I’m used to being the short man on the court. Charlie: My fencing trophies would keep him up at night because of the gleam.

Charlie: When he leaves, I’ll come across a couple of things missing. Kevin: He’s a great creative force and probably the biggest influence on me—certainly musically, and in terms of values. So their ongoing incarceration as the O’Reilly brothers in HBO’s critically lauded prison drama —they still watch each other’s backs. And people love to be around him because he’s a great personality. I was dating Jenny Smith, and then we broke up, and Scott took her to the prom. These days, Kelly, who spent the past five years working in film and TV production, is following Nicky—into acting.

But actor brothers Richard () limit rivalry to the important stuff, like their Sony Play Station video games. “We always keep a lookout for each other,” says Shawn.

A., still often come together for sizzling sessions of mutual support, friendly dissing and comedic one-upmanship. Marlon: In school, Shawn used to save me all the time.

And while Damon and Keenen are also busy raising their own kids, the quartet, who all live in L. He said to me “I really admire Damon, ’cause he’s a guy and he said he loves me.” Since that time we always say “I love you” to each other.

Nicky: I wake up and it’s like, “Oh, God, I hope I look that pretty.” Kelly: As we get older, we’re starting to look different. Since then they have each moved on to separate film, TV and stage projects. Damon: I admire Marlon’s charisma, his strength, his discipline and will. Keenen: Something Marlon did when he was about 7 or 8 set the tone for how we all deal with each other.

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