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They are normally kept in a bedroom for this purpose, but they can actually be used to store anything that will fit into the drawers and can be kept anywhere suitable in the house depending on what is kept in them.

Chests of drawers have through history been used as tool cabinets in a carpenter’s workshop.

Dates 1558 – 1603 1603 – 1625 1625 – 1649 1649 – 1660 1660 – 1685 1685 – 1689 1689 – 1694 1694 – 1702 1702 – 1714 1714 – 1727 1727 – 1760 1760 – 1800 1800 – 1820 1820 – 1830 1830 – 1837 1837 – 1901 1901 – 1910 British Period Elizabethan Jacobean Carolean Cromwellian Restoration Restoration William & Mary William III Queen Anne Early Georgian Early Georgian Late Georgian Regency Regency William IV Victorian Edwardian Antique chest of drawers date back to the 17th Century.

They are now also known as Dressers or Bureaus, and are pieces of furniture which have multiple drawers stacked one above each other.

Some of the greatest furniture designers were around by Mid Georgian times.

George Hepplewhite and Thomas Sheraton were well known cabinet makers both of whom made a huge impact on furniture design in the 18th century.

Chest on chests with canted corners, rococo swan neck handles and rococo designed carvings were all popular and usually made from Mahogany.

Mahogany was mainly imported from Cuba and Honduras.There may also be two columns of drawers side by side.Chests of drawers are usually made for storing clothing, especially lighter garments like socks and underwear, and any other items not normally hung up in a wardrobe.More elaborate pieces of furniture were constructed from walnut, for example, a chest on stand, sometimes had cabriole legs and ball and claw feet.Card tables also became popular using the same construction and style.

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Pieces like the cricket table, would have had a plain solid top and three simple turned legs.

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