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The state of Bulgaria is recorded as independent during three distinct periods.

The existence of an earlier Bulgarian state is indicated by Paulus Diaconus who records that "Iustinianus" captured and murdered the usurpers "Leonem quoque et Tiberium" with the help of "Terobelli Bulgarum regis", when he refers to the restoration of Emperor Iustinian II in 705.

The annexation did not extend to Macedonia in the west, where the four Kometopouloi brothers appear to have established themselves as rulers.

Samuil Kometopoulos was crowned tsar of Bulgaria in 997, and the first Bulgarian empire continued to survive until 1018.

Symeon Magister records that "Bogaris Bulgarorum duxsorore sua" was captured by the Byzantines, lived at the imperial court, was converted to Christianity, but was exchanged for the monk Theodoros Koupharas, and tried to convert her brother to Christianity after returning to Bulgaria, son of [PRESIAN Khan of the Bulgars & his wife --- or SWINIZA & his wife ---] (-2 May 907).

The De Administrando Imperio of Konstantinos Porphyrogenetos names "Michael Borises Bulgari princeps" and his "pater Presiam".

He switched his military attention away from Byzantium towards expanding his territory to the north-west.

In consequence, they are shown in square brackets in the present document to highlight the doubt. He established himself as Khan of the Bulgars by 802.

After defeating the Avars in 805, he united Pannonia to eastern Bulgaria.

He pressed well into Pannonia, expelling the local Slav chiefs and installing Bulgar governors in 827.

The Gesta Francorum records that "rex Bulgaronum Omortag" exchanged ambassadors with Emperor Louis I in 824, 825 and 826.

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